Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Link Building | Submit Content to Private Networks

There are a number of private blog and website networks that allow you to submit content for syndication. Some of these networks require a monthly membership while others may not.
Sometimes these blog networks will allow you to submit an article in spin ready format. This means each blog it posts on will receive a unique version of your article. This is a great way to make sure all of the backlinks come from unique and different content.

 If you visit various SEO marketplaces on Internet marketing or SEO forums, you may be able to find offers where you can submit a one-time article to a private network for a lump sum.
  Your other option is to join a membership site where you can submit your own content at your own pace. In the resources section below you will find a few of these types of sites.


 The Authority Link Network is a free private network that you can post to. The only requirement is that you submit a website to receive articles.   Backlink Solutions - this network contains over 400 blogs on separate servers in a variety of niches that you can post your content and links to. You will have to get on the waiting list if you want in. 
  1 Way Links - This network is HUGE. It currently contains over 6,000 independently owned and operated blogs in its network. You can submit a certain number of posts each month and earn more submission credits if you add your own sites to the network.  
 SEO Link Vine - this is a fairly new service that started in the past year. It also contains a ton of sites to post. 
 My Article Network - this is another massive network containing over 10,000 blogs in its network. It is similar to the 1 Way Links site mentioned above.

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