Friday, May 1, 2015

Link Building | Post a Comment on a Blog Post or Article

Find blog posts or website articles in your niche and add a comment with a link to your website. Just be sure to take the time to actually read the post or article and add real value to the conversation in your comment. This will ensure that the comment will be approved and you will receive your link back.
There are lots of ways to find blog posts to comment on. Here are a few ideas:
 Subscribe to the RSS feed of blogs in your niche and when new content comes out, go read it and comment on it.
 Search keywords in your niche on Google‟s Blog search.
 Search your keywords on blog directories like Technorati.
 Use search phrases such as "powered by wordpress" or "leave comment" along with your keywords to find related websites where you can leave comments.
 Outsource blog commenting.
 If you want to outsource blog commenting altogether, one good service to consider is Easy Blog Comments.  

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